The game of golf has been growing.
Quietly gaining momentum.
Quietly resurging.
A kind of resurgence that rarely happens.
Some have noticed, some have not.
But we have.

That’s because Topgolf Callaway Brands is driving the course to a more modern approach to golf and the lifestyle that goes with it. Callaway changed the face of golf equipment with the development of products such as the Big Bertha Driver but now we are about more than just equipment.

Topgolf Callaway Brands leads change across all aspects of the game of golf – bringing diversity, innovation, new personality, new trends, and new lifestyle attitudes to how we play, how we work, and how we golf - both physically and virtually.

We want to play a part in every single shot played and allow more people to enjoy more golf, in all its forms, across the globe.

The Game is Growing


rounds of golf were played
in 2020, and the trend
is not slowing


of golf newcomers

6 Million

new players welcomed to the game in 2020 - the largest increase in nearly 20 years


the likelihood of junior recreational golfers to be DIVERSE

Over 50%

of players at Topgolf do not consider themselves to be golfers…but leave with the feeling


of golf are emerging in fashion, lifestyles, travel, art, music, and more

The Game is Changing

We are making the game of golf more accessible and more enjoyable because we know the thrill of hitting the golf ball deserves to be experienced by everyone.  

Whether picking up a club for the first time at a Topgolf venue, playing the latest Callaway equipment on a championship course, or competing virtually in an online game in the metaverse, we are about creating ways for everyone to enjoy the game.  

New forms of technology are driving golf forward and whether it is Angry Birds in our Topgolf venues or Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) in our Drivers, Topgolf Callaway Brands is leading the charge.

The game is changing image

Life is Demanding

More Ways to Play

in venues,
in outdoor lifestyles,
in virtual reality,
on the course,
off the course,

TG product image

Life is Demanding

Quality Performance

with personalized custom fitting of clubs and balls, high-functioning quality we engineer in our outerwear, and comfort and performance gear for active lifestyle – we have you covered.

TG product image

While the demands of the world are evolving, one thing remains constant: Our philosophy to be demonstrably superior and pleasingly different. It has been our guide for 40 years and has led us to this moment where Topgolf Callaway Brands is now born.

The norms are bending...and we love it.

The trends are changing...and we embrace it.

The future of golf is here...and we think the future is pretty bright.

Topgolf Callaway Brands Lifestyle Image